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2020-21 Plex Softball Club Tryouts

The 2020-21 season will mark the 6th year of competitive travel softball offered by the Plex Softball Club. We target athletes from Southern NH and Northern MA and plan to field teams at the 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U levels with options for more locally-based tournaments as well as regional and national travel.

We have added an additional tryout for the 12U, 14U Gold, and 16U age groups next Monday, August 17th at Keyes Memorial Field in Milford, NH. Check-in starts at 5:30pm.
Pre-registration will be required this year; please register here for the level and date that works best for your schedule.

Over the next few weeks we will highlight many of the unique benefits of the Plex Softball Club experience, from our expert coaching staff to our facilities, tournaments, and player-focused philosophies and commitments. Please keep checking back as more information is released! Questions before tryouts or looking to schedule a private tryout? Feel free to reach out to our Director of Operations Stacy Boyden at

Coaching Staff

We believe that the role of coach is an honor and take pride in the coaching staff we have formed throughout the years. Players with the Plex Softball Club can expect a uniform coaching experience across all age levels, including the following.

  • Mentoring: Each team's coaching staff includes at least one female head and/or assistant coach.
  • Collaboration: The Plex Softball Club hosts monthly coaches' meetings to discuss team- and organization-level improvements and to ensure that each coach has a voice in the process.
  • Certification: At a minimum, all coaches are ACE, Safe Sport, and First Aid/CPR certified and have passed a comprehensive background check. Many coaches also hold advanced certifications in positive coaching, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, hitting, pitching, and leadership.
  • Continuing Education: Our coaches are both encouraged and required to participate in continuing education. Head coaches must complete a minimum of 10 CEUs (10 hours) yearly and Gold-level coaches must complete a minimum of 20 CEUs.

Please view our head and assistant coaches for the 2020-21 season below.

Competitive Schedules

We believe that the travel softball experience should always be memorable, from challenging tournaments and leagues to new environments and competition. Each coach plans a year-round schedule that fits that particular team's goals and level of play, from local tournaments to national showcases, along with our own indoor winter league and Plex-run events.

  • Team Levels: Gold-level teams can expect more regional/national travel while other teams can expect a schedule of local tournaments and leagues. College showcases are scheduled for 18U, 16U and 14U Gold teams to reinforce the importance of playing on a bigger stage.
  • Friday Night League: The Plex Softball Club offers two sessions of its Friday Night League. Players at all levels within the Plex receive a mixture of games in both sessions as part of their tuition.
  • Hosted Tournaments: The Plex Softball Club hosts two tournaments, an indoor tournament in January and an outdoor tournament in June. We are proud that each of our previous events has boasted plenty of Plex players volunteering their time to help other age groups!
  • Game-Day Technology: Plex Softball Club coaches employ a variety of technologies, from Game Changer and other statistical software to Athletes Go Live for live streaming capabilities. We also maintain a healthy social media footprint to not only engage our players, but to continually expand our network of college coaches, travel organizations, and tournament hosts.

Please view an example of one of our 2019-20 schedules below.

Player Development

We believe in long-term player development AND long-term athletic development. Thus, we approach the sport of softball through both a skills-based lens and a performance-based lens. We practice and play out of one of the largest and most softball-focused indoor facilities in northern New England and offer our players more training time than many comparable programs.

  • Practice: All Plex Softball Club teams receive a minimum of two practices per week year-round, including time in the batting cages and on the turf soccer fields at the NH Sportsplex during the winter months.
  • FacilitiesThe NH Sportsplex consists of two buildings with six separate turf surfaces and multiple batting cages. The Plex Softball Club also utilizes outdoor fields in the greater Bedford area during the fall, spring and summer months.
  • Performance: Players 14+ receive complimentary memberships to the Executive Health and Sports Center and all athletes receive team-based speed and agility training with a certified coach.
  • Individual Work: Athletes can take advantage of open batting cage blocks throughout the week for additional individual work. Plex Softball Club members also receive discounts on private lessons from in-house coaches specializing in hitting, pitching, catching, and strength training.

Please view a full team-by-team outline of our value items below.

College Recruiting

We believed in supporting our athletes through the college application process, not just as coaches but as references, advocates, and mentors. We hold our athletes accountable for their efforts both on the field and in the classroom and take pride in working with young women to realize an athletic and academic future they may not have considered before.

  • Skills Videos: We film skills videos for our 14U and 18U Gold players before the start of the fall season and will work with athletes on other teams who have an interest in using these for recruiting or for visually measuring their own individual progress.
  • Recruiting Profiles: We work with all of our athletes 16U and above to create recruiting profiles which function as their "softball resumes." These include academic information, athletic achievements and statistics, volunteer experiences, tournament schedules, and professional references.
  • Combine Testing: We host combine nights for our older teams to test their softball metrics and athleticism, from exit velocity and overhand throw speed to vertical jump and grip strength.
  • Showcase Tournaments: Our Gold level teams compete in numerous regional and national showcases during both the fall and summer seasons and live stream each game whenever possible to increase exposure. We also encourage our athletes to attend local clinics and camps whenever possible and have college coaches on staff who also participate in these events.

Please view an example of one of our 2019-20 recruiting profiles below.